We’re excited to share that we have just added brand new Gummibär Temporary Tattoos to the Gummibär  Shop! This temporary tattoo is fun, bright, and easy to apply! Perfect for party favors, goody bags, classroom treats/giveaways. Fantastic for themed parties and sleepovers. This tattoo is great wearable art that is perfect for both boys and girls while encouraging creative expression.

Each set includes 2 tattoos

Apply with Water, Remove with Baby Oil, Rubbing Alcohol

CAUTION: Do Not Apply To Sensitive Skin, In The Eye And Lip Area Or If Allergic To Adhesive.

CLICK HERE to purchase your set!


A BRAND NEW episode of The Gummy Bear Show premiered today on  The Official Gummibär YouTube Channel! This new episode is the 31st episode of the YouTube series and is titled “Unboxing the Unicorn Surprise.” What do you think this episode will be about? Watch the episode below to find out!

Watch the new episode of The Gummy Bear Show on YouTube:

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