After a long hard day at school, it is only right that you treat yourself with an afternoon snack! Make snack time fun with some Gummibär cookies! You can make perfect Gummibär cookies with the help from our Gummibär cookies cutters! Gummibär cookie cutters are 3” wide (across the face) and 4″ wide (across the ears) and are made of tinplated steel. They are perfect for making Gummibär shaped cookies for after school snacks, birthday parties, holidays, or whenever you want to enjoy a delicious Gummibär cookie!


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This week our featured back to school item is the Gummibär Hard Shell Backpack! This Gummibär backpack is the perfect backpack to go back to school with! You can carry all of your books, pens, pencils and more in this shiny, bright, and colorful backpack! The hard shell backpack has a main zippered compartment, side pocket flaps, mesh side pocket, adjustable straps, a hard handle on top, and adorable Gummibär character zippers!

For this week only, you can get this Gummibär Hard Shell Backpack, which is originally $29.99, for just $27.99! Purchase your backpack today by clicking here



This weekend you can take 15% OFF ALL SCHOOL SUPPLIES! Use the coupon code BACK TO SCHOOL in your cart before checking out! This offer is only valid on products in the school supplies category. That means you can receive a discount on backpacks, pens, pencils, notebook, and more! This offer will expire on Monday, August 15th, so take advantage of this sale while it lasts. CLICK HERE to start shopping!



The Gummibär Lunch Bag Bundle is exactly what you need to go back to school! This is our featured item of the week, which means you can purchase this awesome bundle for a slight discount! Here is what you will get in the Lunch Bag Bundle: A Yellow Gummibär Lunch Bag, which is insulated and very spacious. Not only does it have a handle, but it also comes with  an attachable strap to carry the lunch bag over your shoulder! You’ll also get a Gummibär pen and Gummibär pencil. And to top it off you will get 3 Gummibär stickers, which are selected at random!

You can get this great Lunch Bag Bundle today for just $18.99, noramlly priced at $20.00. To purchase your Lunch Bag Bundle today, click here!

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It’s time to throw a Gummibär themed party! The Gummibär Shop has everything you need to throw the best Gummibär party ever! We have everything from balloons to party hats. We even have some cupcake toppers and more! You can find everything you need for an awesome Gummibär themed party in our shop by clicking here!

We have also noticed that our Gummibär fans get very creative when throwing parties! Check out this amazing Gummibär decoration from one of our fans below:


Who’s excited to head back to school? Each week we a featuring a different back-to-school item, and this week we are featuring the Gummibär Lunchbag Bundle! This Gummibär Shop exclusive bundle includes the Gummibär Yellow Lunchbag, a Gummibär notebook, a pen, a pencil, and 3 Gummibär stickers picked at random! For this week only, you can get this bundle for $18.99!

gummibar lunchbag bundle back to school shopping kids supplies

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Yellow Gummibär Lunch Bag

We love free stuff, and we are pretty positive you do too! This week you can win a Gummibär Yellow Lunch Bag! This is the perfect item to carry your lunch in! This shiny, bright, and colorful lunch bag has an adjustable strap, removable liner, and adorable Gummibär character zippers! Go back to school in style with this awesome Gummibär Lunch Bag!

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It’s almost time to head back to school. The Gummibär Shop is here to help you out with all your back to school needs! This week we are featuring the Gummibär Backpack Bundle! This bundle includes a Gummibär backpack, a notebook, a pen, a pencil, and 3 stickers picked are random! The bundle is usually $30.00 but you can get it on sale for $28.99! Take advantage of this deal while it lasts!


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We are excited to announce we just added brand new Gummibär Sticker Sheets to the shop! These Gummibär Sticker Sheets come in a set of 3 sheets, which totals to 75 stickers! These stickers look like Gummibär is smiling and taking a selfie! These fun stickers are perfect for parties, crafts, scrap booking, decorating your notebook or planner, and much more!

This product is a Gummibär Shop Exclusive. To purchase a set of Gummibär Sticker Sheets click here. 


Did you dance with Gummibär to “The Gummy Bear Song” on the final day of VidCon 2016? We have just uploaded the 2nd video of Gummibär fans dancing to “The Gummy Bear Song.” Watch the video below to see if you can spot yourself dancing with your favorite dancing and singing gummy bear! If you cannot spot yourself, don’t worry there will be more videos added to the Official Gummibär YouTube Channel shortly. Be sure to subscribe to the channel to be on of the first people to know when a new video is uploaded.