We just came back from another successful trip to VidCon! We brought back a handful of our EXCLUSIVE Gummibär VidCon 2016 Stickers! These adorable stickers are the perfect collector’s item for Gummibär fans! Get your limited edition Gummibär VidCon 2016 Sticker WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! 

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Looking for some fun additions for your upcoming Gummibär party? Check out these festive Gummibär Birthday Sticker Party Packs! Each Gummibär Birthday Sticker Party Pack includes 8 sheets of stickers, each sheet having 18 stickers. These sticker sheets make for the perfect party favors. They are also great for scrap booking, crafts, decorating your notebook, and much more! Purchase the Gummibär Birthday Sticker Party Pack in the Gummibär Shop by clicking here.


We are excited to share with everyone our new sticker sheets! We have just added new Gummibär Sports Coloring Sticker Sheets to the shop! These stickers are printed in black and white, which allows you to color them in! All you need are crayons, colored pencils, or markers to color them in! This lets you color Gummibär in whatever color you would like!

These stickers are great for parties, crafts, scrap-booking, decorating you school books, and much more!

Each sticker sheet set includes 3 sheets of stickers!

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st patricks day sticker sheets

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with our brand new Gummibär St. Patrick’s Day Sticker Sheets! These easy peel stickers are perfect for parties, crafts, scrap-booking, decorating your planner, and so much more! This Gummibär exclusive includes 3 sheets of stickers with 26 stickers on each for a grand total of 78 stickers. The sticker set is available now in the shop.

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