This past Friday, Gummibär released a brand new music video on his YouTube Channel! Gummibär’s new music video is for his new song “Lollipop.” In this video, Gummibär sings, dances, and even rides a motorcycle. You can watch Gummibär’s new music video on  the Official Gummibär YouTube Channel.

Watch “Lollipop” below:

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Did you dance with Gummibär on the 1st day of VidCon? If so, you might be featured in one of our music videos for “I Want Candy” on our YouTube Channel. If you’re not featured in one of the two videos, don’t worry! Our third video from “I Want Candy” will be coming soon! Watch the music videos for “I Want Candy” below:

Watch “I Want Candy” Roll 1 below:

Watch “I Want Candy” Roll 2 below:


We had an absolute blast at VidCon 2016! We had so much fun meeting all of the Gummibär fans out there! If you stopped by the booth and took part in making one of our music videos, be on the look out for your video to appear on our YouTube Channel. Since editing the videos has taken quite some work, expect the videos to be up within the next week or two.

If you were unable to purchase some merchandise at the booth don’t worry! You can purchase merchandise in our shop!

Here’s some pictures of the new friends we made at VidCon!

VidCon day 2 is off to a great start – Feeling gummy ✊ #vidcon

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Researching kids at #VidCon2016 to learn what’s cool these days.. #myjob #ux #research #VidCon2016 🎬🎲

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Are you heading to Anaheim, California to participate in VidCon 2016? If you are, make sure you stop by booth #1323 for your opportunity to star in an animated music video with your favorite gummy bear, Gummibär.

All videos recorded will be uploaded to The Official Gummibär YouTube Channel located at where they will be seen by more than 1.2 million channel subscribers. Fans and attendees who participate will be able to share these videos with their friends and family.

We can’t wait to see you there!