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NEW Gummibär Die-Cut Stickers have been added to The Gummy Bear Shop!

If you’re excited for chilly weather, hot chocolate, and watching snow fall, we have the perfect new sticker for you! New Gummibär Die-Cut Stickers are now available, with your favorite singing and dancing gummy bear ice skating away in a fun pose.

These two stickers are available in two colors- red and blue!

Purchase one of these fun stickers here!

Our Winter Gummibär Sticker is also available in a set of 8– perfect for wintertime kids birthday parties!


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Have you seen our newest merch item?! We now have brand new Gummibär Small Notepads! These Gummibär Notepads are stylish and small enough to take with you wherever you go!

These Gummibär notepads are small enough to fit in a small purse, but have the perfect line-spacing for handwriting. Great for writing down assignments or grocery lists! The front of this notepad has a colorful geometric cover and dozens of pages for writing.

Purchase one now here: