Have a case of the Monday Blues? Brighten up your Music Monday with Gummibär’s latest album ‘Party Pop.‘ This album is jam packed with some of your favorite Gummibär songs including “Gummy Twist,” “I Want Candy,” “Bubble Up,” and more! Pick up a copy of ‘Party Pop’ in the Gummibär Shop today!

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It’s time to brighten up your Tuesday with some awesome Tuesday Tunes! This Tuesday, jump start your day with some great music from Gummibär’s latest CD ‘Party Pop.’ This CD has all of your favorite Gummibär songs on it including, “I Want Candy,” “Gummy Twist,” “Bubble Up,” “Woof! There It Is,” and much more! The CD digipak also includes a mini poster and coloring page! Music, poster, and coloring page? What more could you need! Get your copy of Gummibär’s ‘Party Pop’ today! 

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We think everyone can agree that waking up in the morning school is so hard. It’s much easier to just stay in bed. We found that all you need in the morning to get moving is some good music! Gummibär’s latest CD “Party Pop” is perfect to get you up out of bed and ready for school! It’s also perfect to listen to in the car or on the bus going to and from school.”Party Pop” has all of your favorite songs including “I Want Candy,” “The Gummy Twist,” “Moves Like Jagger,” and much more! Purchase a copy of “Party Pop” in the Gummibär Shop today!


Did you dance with Gummibär on the 1st day of VidCon? If so, you might be featured in one of our music videos for “I Want Candy” on our YouTube Channel. If you’re not featured in one of the two videos, don’t worry! Our third video from “I Want Candy” will be coming soon! Watch the music videos for “I Want Candy” below:

Watch “I Want Candy” Roll 1 below:

Watch “I Want Candy” Roll 2 below:


You must try the official Gummibär Gummy Candy! The candy is definitely one of our favorite items in the shop. Who can say no to candy? We certainly cannot! The official Gummibär Gummy Bear Candy is fat free and gluten free, and it tastes amazing! The candy comes in original flavor, as well as sour. Get your official Gummibär Gummy Candy in the Gummibär Shop today! Full nutritional information can be found on the product pages.

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Every party needs the perfect party playlist! Gummibär has the perfect party music for you!  Gummibär’s album ‘Party Pop‘ will get your party started! The CD includes some fan favorites such as “Bubble Up,” “Gummy Bomba,” “Gummy Twist,” and more! One of our favorites is “I Want Candy.” You can watch the video for “I Want Candy” below! Get your copy of  Gummibär’s ‘Party Pop’ HERE!

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Watch ‘I Want Candy’ below!