Did you take part in our awesome FREE Gummibär & Friends Sticker Giveaway? All of the our free sticker orders have been mailed out! Keep an eye out for your free stickers! Our friend Nicole Bradley shared a photon Facebook of her son admiring his new Gummibär sticker! Be sure to share pictures of you and your free Gummibär Sticker!


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We just came back from another successful trip to VidCon! We brought back a handful of our EXCLUSIVE Gummibär VidCon 2016 Stickers! These adorable stickers are the perfect collector’s item for Gummibär fans! Get your limited edition Gummibär VidCon 2016 Sticker WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! 

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After cleaning through our warehouse to make room for VidCon 2016 merchandise, we came across a handful of LIMITED EDITION Gummibär VidCon 2015 bags! These adorable reusable bags have not been available anywhere besides at VidCon last year (2015). Only 1,000 were made! We’re left with just a handful now! These bags are the perfect collector’s items, since there are so few of them made!

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