Plush Toys and Party Supplies are now available from the new Gummy Bear Shop Amazon.

Planning an excellent birthday party comes with it’s challenges! You found the perfect venue, sent out invitations, booked entertainment – but need something quick like an extra table cover or a small gift.

Find your last minute touch by visiting the new Gummy Bear Shop Amazon!

Choose from over 15 options of party supplies and toys that will complete your bright and colorful Gummibär themed party. Shop from party supply sets (including all party supplies) or select items individually to suite your needs.

Party supplies include plates, cups, napkins, table cover, balloons, hats, party hats, and party blowers conveniently packaged in sets suitable for 8 guests.

You’ll also have the option to receive Free 2-Day Amazon Prime Shipping including several shipping options if you need to expedite your delivery.


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Accessorize your backpack, lunch bag, purse, and more with our adorable Singing Gummibär Clip On Plush Toy! This incredibly cute plush toy measures just 5.5″ tall and perfectly resembles the lovable dancing and singing gummy bear character. The Gummibär plush toy also sings “The Gummy Bear Song” when you squeeze the tummy!

Click here to purchase this Singing Clip On Plush Toy today right here in the shop.

gummibar clip on plush toy

Do you seen the adorable Gummibär Clip On Plush Toys? These clip on plush toys are 5.5″ and are perfect to clip on to your backpack or bag! The Gummibär Shop carries two clip on plush toys, singing and non-singing. The singing plush toy, when you squeeze it’s stomach, sings “I Am A Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song).” These clip on plush toys make for the perfect gifts and party favors. Get yours today at the Gummibär Shop!

Shop: Clip On Plush Toy (Non-Singing)

Shop: Clip On Singing Plush Toy