Gummibär Magnet 5 Million Fun Pack


Gummibär 5 Million Fun Packs are available until February 21st or while supplies last.

Product Description

Celebrate The Official Gummibär Channel reaching 5 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS on YouTube with this $5 Magnet Pack! Featuring an assortment of seasonal items, the Gummibär Magnet 5 Million Fun Pack is perfect for all your magnet needs! The Magnet pack will contain 10 of these magnets below chosen at RANDOM:

  • Gummibär & Kala Back to School Magnet
  • Gummibär Back to School Magnet
  • Gummibär 4th of July Magnet
  • Gummibär Shark Week 2019 Magnet
  • Gummibär Easter Bunny Magnet
  • Gummibär I Graduated! Magnet
  • Gummibär Summer Vacation Magnet
  • Gummibär St. Patrick’s Day Round Magnet
  • Gummibär Pumpkin Costume Halloween Magnet
  • Gummibär “I Love You” Magnet

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