Grab a ‘5 Million Fun Pack’ to Celebrate the Official Gummibär YouTube Channel Reaching 5 Million Subscribers!!!

Everybody’s favorite singing and dancing gummy bear character, Gummibär, recently achieved a major milestone—reaching over 5 Million subscribers on his Official YouTube Channel!

To celebrate 5 Million subscribers, The Gummibär Shop is selling assorted Gummibär 5 Million Fun Packs for only $5 per pack! There are five varieties of Gummibär 5 Million Fun Packs including the Gummibär Sticker Sheet Pack, Vinyl Sticker Pack, Magnet Pack, Button Pack, and the Greeting Card Pack. Each fun pack includes 10* items of assorted seasonal Gummibär merchandise for $5!

*Please note: The Gummibär Greeting Card Fun Pack contains seven (7) physical greeting cards, and five (5) printable Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards

Gummibär has released a bunch of fun, seasonal merchandise to celebrate everything from Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Back to School, and more! This is the perfect way to stock up on some extra seasonal goodies to get a head start on the celebration!

Each item per Fun Pack is chosen at random while supplies last and can contain the following items:

Gummibär Sticker Sheet 5 Million Fun Pack: Gummibär I Graduated! Sticker Sheets, Gummibär Halloween Sticker Sheet, Gummibär Summer Sheet, Gummibär Back to School Sheet, Gummibär St. Patrick’s Day Sticker Sheets, Gummibär Fall Sticker Sheet, Gummibär Easter Sticker Sheet, Gummibär Valentine’s Day Sticker Sheets, Gummibär Christmas Sticker Sheets, Gummibär 4th of July Sticker Sheets

Gummibär Vinyl Sticker 5 Million Fun Pack: Gummibär I Graduated! Vinyl Sticker, Gummibär I Graduated! Circle Sticker, Gummy Shark Week 2019 Vinyl Sticker, Gummibär Halloween Pirate Sticker, Gummibär Easter Basket Sticker, Gummibär Back to School Vinyl Circle Sticker, Gummibär Pumpkin Spice Vinyl Circle Sticker, Gummibär St. Patrick’s Day Circle Sticker, Gummibär Saint Patrick’s Day Circle Sticker Set, Gummibär & Friends Trick or Treat Vinyl Sticker

Gummibär Button 5 Million Fun Pack: Set of 4 Gummibär Easter Pinback Buttons, Gummibär I Graduated! Pinback Button, Gummy Shark Week 2019 Button, Gummibär Back to School Button, Gummibär Set of 3 Halloween Buttons, Set of 3 Gummibär St. Patrick’s Day Buttons, Gummibär 4th of July Buttons Set of 4, Gummibär Pumpkin Spice Button

Gummibär Greeting Card 5 Million Pack: Gummibär Set of 3 Summer Vacation Post Cards, Gummibär Thanksgiving Greeting Card, Gummibär Halloween Greeting Card, Gummibär Easter Greeting Card, Gummibär Graduation Greeting Card, Gummibär St. Patrick’s Day Greeting Card, Gummibär Birthday Card, Gummibär set of 5 Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

Gummibär Magnet 5 Million Fun Pack (10): Gummibär & Kala Back to School Magnet, Gummibär Back to School Magnet, Gummibär 4th of July Magnet, Gummy Shark Week 2019 Magnet, Gummibär Easter Bunny Magnet, Gummibär I Graduated! Magnet, Gummibär Summer Vacation Magnet, Gummibär St. Patrick’s Day Round Magnet, Gummibär Pumpkin Costume Halloween Magnet, Gummibär “I Love You” Magnet

Gummibär 5 Million Fun Packs are available until February 21st or while supplies last.