Gummibar Computer Combo

Gummibär Computer Combo Is Exactly What You Need To Head Back-To-School

In case you missed it, our featured item of the week is the Gummibär Computer ComboThis combo has exactly what you need to be prepared in class! The combo set includes an adorable mouse pad and a USB flash drive. The Gummibär USB Flash Drive hold 4 GB of storage. It also comes pre-loaded with FIVE of your favorite Gummibär songs! Get your computer combo in the Gummibär Shop today!

The 5 Pre-loaded songs are:
I Am A Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song) Tonekind Remix
Boogie Woogie Dancing Shoes (Tonekind Remix)
Dancin’ Dancin’ (Tonekind Remix)
La La La I Love You (Tonekind Remix)
We Love Pop Music

Purchase the Gummibär Computer Combo today in the Gummy Bear Shop here! This combo pack is discounted ONLY for this week.

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